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Historical data: 

Historical Data- in a broad context, is collected data about past events and circumstances pertaining to a particular subject.

By definition, historical data includes most data generated either manually or automatically within an portal system. Sources, among a great number of possibilities, includes Price, Trend, location, financial reports, project and product documentation and email and other communications.

Graphical Presentation :

Graphical representation refers to the use of intuitive charts to clearly visualize and simplify data sets. Data is ingested into graphical representation of data software and then represented by a variety of symbols, such as lines on a line chart, bars on a bar chart, or slices on a pie chart, from which users can gain greater insight than by numerical analysis alone.

Representational graphics can quickly illustrate general behavior and highlight phenomenon, anomalies, and relationships between data points that may otherwise be overlooked, and may contribute to predictions and better, data-driven decisions. The types of representational graphics used will depend on the type of data being explored.